Animas Valley

Welcome to Animas Valley

The Animas Valley lies just north of downtown Durango, tucked between the Baldy Mountain and Animas City Mountain. Here you’ll find a wholesome, laid-back community scattered along the Animas River. Homes for sale in the Animas Valley consist primarily of large, craftsman-style single-family homes, with some contemporary architecture as well. The surrounding woods and distance between neighbors give many of these homes a feeling of solitude not found closer to town.
While a lack of public transit makes travel by car an absolute must, it’s only a 20-minute drive to downtown Durango. Animas Valley Elementary School is located within the valley, while various private and public schools make their home closer to downtown. Typical of the region, the surrounding mountains provide parks and trails with the trademark views and peaceful retreats that Colorado mountains are known for.

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