Florida/Edgemont Area

Welcome to Florida/Edgemont Area

Located in a tranquil area northeast of downtown Durango, the Florida/Edgemont area consists of a grouping of residential streets near the meandering Florida River. Residents here have the best of both worlds: awe-inspiring scenery and easy access to the lively restaurants and bars of the downtown area. In fact, getting downtown only takes about 15 minutes. When the urge to explore nature strikes, there’s a plethora of hiking trails, wilderness areas, and snowy mountain peaks nearby.
Real estate in the Florida/Edgemont Area is located along sleepy streets that twist and turn through the wooded landscape. Houses here boast a rustic charm, blending naturally into the environment. Interiors are modern and designed for comfortable day-to-day living, ensuring homebuyers are happy with their choice for many years to come.

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