Purgatory Resort Area

Wecome to Purgatory Resort Area

The Purgatory Resort Area is a stretch of serene terrain along US-550, about a half an hour’s drive from downtown Durango. This area is stunningly beautiful, as it’s adorned with healthy evergreens and backed by snowcapped mountain peaks. The Purgatory Resort, a popular ski retreat, is the main draw out this way, with a smattering of residences contributing to the neighborhood’s village-like feel. Nature lovers will find they never run out of spectacular areas to explore and enjoy. In fact, there’s an abundance of hiking trails on this side of town.
Since the neighborhood isn’t densely populated, Purgatory Resort Area real estate is quite limited. In fact, most options are units within the resort itself. These homes boast incredible views and access to all the convenient amenities offered by the property.

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